How to Join

1.1. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 3, 2018 No. PP-3693 “on measures to further stimulate the development of the leather, footwear and fur industries and increase export potential” in order to carry out automated slaughter and harvesting of skins of cattle and small ruminants of various forms of ownership, production of leather, leather processing, leather products, as well as components, accessories, shoe molds, artificial leather products, shoes, leather goods, fur and wool, enterprises and organizations involved in the processing and production of finished products from it, as well as other types of activities that do not contradict the charter of the Association are accepted as members of the Uzcharmsanoat Association.

1.2. For enterprises, membership in the Uzcharmsanoat Association is voluntary.

1.3. Membership in the Association "Uzarmsanoat" is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the procedure for admission to membership and exclusion from members of the Association "Uzarmsanoat", approved by the protocol No. 3 of the general meeting of members of the Association" Uzarmsanoat "dated July 10, 2018.

1.4. To join the Uzcharmsanoat Association, business entities send a letter of appeal to the Chairman of the Association to join the Association with the following documents attached:

1. Copy of the charter of the enterprise;

2. A copy of the Certificate of the legal entity of the enterprise;

3. Lens of the head of the enterprise and 4 photographs (size 3 x 4);

4. Copy of the last annual balance sheet, form 1-2 (not required for newly established enterprises);

5. A copy of the order on the appointment of the head and chief accountant to the position and the protocol of the founders (copy);

6. Forecast plan of the enterprise for the current year (must be filled out in the prescribed form);

7. Passport of the enterprise (filled in according to the established form);

8. Final letter of the territorial administration of the Association on the activities of the enterprise;

9. Price list (or information in electronic form about the name, model, model, price) of products manufactured by the enterprise.

1.5. Documents submitted to the Association are considered by its working group. According to the results, a conclusion of the corresponding content is drawn up. In case of a positive conclusion, the issue of accepting this enterprise as a member of the Association is considered at the next meeting of the Board of the Association. After the adoption of a management decision between the enterprise and the Association, a "Membership Agreement" is signed.